Membership Renewal Agreement

  1. Heart Rate Monitor pulse click Member Continuous Subscription Instructions

    1. You can get the benefits of the additional three-day free trial by purchasing the service authorizing the Apple Pay (iOS side) Heart Rate Monitor pulse click service (supporting the automatic renewal function). The service period (billing period) is 1 week, calculated from the successful payment date. Before the expiration of the service term (generally within 48 hours before the expiry), the aforementioned third-party payment institution authorized by you will automatically renew for one subscription period (the renewal price is subject to the payment price).

  2. 2. You need to ensure sufficient balance in the third-party payment method authorized by you to support the withholding amount. Suppose the withholding fails due to insufficient credit. In that case, your continuous subscription period will automatically terminate after the expiration of the paid service period (billing period), and you will not be able to continue to use the original rights and interests after termination.

  3. 3. You can cancel the automatic deduction service of a continuous subscription through the following ways, and the constant subscription will be automatically terminated before the next service period (billing period) after you cancel:

    Open the App store -- click the avatar icon in the upper right corner to enter the account page -- click Manage Subscription -- unsubscribe.

  4. The above cancellation methods may sometimes change due to the software upgrade of third-party payment institutions. If you cannot cancel the continuous subscription service for the above reasons, don't hesitate to contact customer service the first time, according to the contact information specified in these rules.

  5. 4. This service is a digital commodity service for online use. Once the purchase is successful, no refund will be provided.

  6. 5.For other matters not covered, the Service Agreement and Privacy Agreement provisions shall prevail.

  7. 6. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]